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Paylor Transport LLC
​         The Paylor's began providing transportation for the Amish community to and from their businesses at Jim's Market in Chambersburg approximately seven years ago. Over time, they began providing transportation for other needs, such as Dr's Appointments, shopping trips, and family visiting. It wasn't long before they realized there was a demand for these services and wanted to pursue it full time. They moved to Shippensburg, Pa to make it a reality.

          Having connections in both the Amish & Mennonite communities, both Greg & Lucille drove 15 passenger vans to accommodate the community's needs. But, shortly thereafter found it grew to be quite difficult with three young children at home to coordinate a full-time schedule.

         So, about two and a half years ago a third van was added and they began to take on other drivers with Greg still doing the bulk of the driving.  Greg & Lucille have built the business by providing transportation in many situations whether it was short or long distance with a reputation for reliability and dependability. All the while treating the customers with respect and courteous service that is second to none.

          Since the addition of the third van, the company has grown to five 15 passenger vans, two minivans, two minibuses, and two trucks with various trailers for customers hauling needs as well.  After the purchase and transfer of LL Transit Express, they employee nine full and part time drivers as well as a dedicated dispatcher working from an office located on the property. Paylor Transport is truly a one-stop shop for all your transportation needs.

 "Lucille" Co-Owner
 "Greg" Owner